Delete and undelete entries

Program managers and entrants can delete entries. This can be done via Entries > Manage entries for program managers or Entries > My entries for entrants. Deleting entries is only a soft-delete which means they can be undeleted if needed.

Delete an entry

  1. Go to Entries > Manage entries (or My entries for entrants)
  2. Select the checkbox next to the entry/entries you want to delete
  3. Within the Action dropdown, click Delete

Undelete an entry

  1. Go to Entries > Manage entries
  2. Change the view from Current to Deleted


  3. Select the checkbox next to the entry/entries you want to undelete
  4. Within the Action dropdown, click Undelete
  5. Switch the view back to All but deleted

Permanently delete an entry

  1. Navigate to Entries > Manage entries
  2. Click the entry's name or ID
  3. Click Delete this entry permanently
  4. Chose whether you'd like to Wipe entry, keep judging data or Delete entry, delete judging data
  5. Key in the name of the entry 
  6. Click Delete

For more information on deleting data, see our guide: Deleting your program's personally identifiable information (PII).

Important: after pressing the Delete button, the deletion is immediate and permanent. There is no way to recover the entry.

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