Revert an entry to in progress


This feature is useful for scenarios such as:

  • The manager submitted the entry by mistake and needs to revert back to in progress so an entrant can submit it. This situation is most common for paid entries because manager submission does not generate an order.
    Note: paid entries are available on the Pro plan only.
  • If the setting Entries locked after submission is enabled (in the Manage workspace under Settings > Entries > General) and the entrant needs to make an update to the entry, the manager can revert it back to in progress as an exception.
  • If the entrant has submitted the entry using the invoice method but now wishes to pay online, they've used the wrong card, or paid the incorrect fee, follow the steps outlined in our guide: Can entrants change their payment method?
Important: reverting a paid entry to in progress will not trigger a refund. Refunds must be processed outside of Award Force, as no monies are collected via the system. 
Note: reverting a paid entry to in progress will not require the entrant to pay again. If additional payment is to be collected, please use the Stage 2 payment option. 

You can change an entry status from submitted to in progress in two places: from the Manage entries list view and from the manager's view of an entry.

From the Entries list 

  1. In the Manage workspace, go to Entries
  2. Click the three dots icon to the left of the entry you want to change
  3. Select Revert to in progress from the menu
    Revert option in ellipsis menu

From the manager's view of entry

  1. From the Manage workspace, navigate to Entries
  2. Click on the entry you want to change
  3. Click the three dots icon next to Status
  4. Select Revert to in progress from the menu
    Change status from manager view
Important: if the submitted entry has already been assigned for judging, it will be removed from the judging view when reverted to the 'in progress' state.

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