Entry resubmission


This feature is best used if your entry process consists of two stages of submission or you may wish to allow some entrants to add extra information to their entries. For example, shortlisted applicants might be invited to answer additional questions after entry submission. To allow only selected entries to be modifiable, you can invite resubmission.

Note: The entry resubmission option only appears for entries which have already been submitted
Note: Entries requiring resubmission are not prevented from being assigned for judging. If using this feature, ensure they have been resubmitted before commencing judging. Alternatively, revert to in progress instead. 

There are two areas from where you can do this:

1. From Manage entries

1. Go to Entries > Manage entries
2. Click the three dots icon to the left of the entry you want to change
3. Select Require resubmission from the menu


2. From Manager's view of entry

1. Go to Entries > Manage entries
2. Click on the entry you want to change
3. Click the three dots icon next to Status
4. Select Require resubmission from the menu


Note: The status of the entry changes to 'Resubmission required' on the Entrant list of entries. This indicates which entry needs to be updated. Additionally, the 'Submit entry' button changes to 'Resubmit entry'.

Controlling dates

Entries can be resubmitted even after an entry round has closed. To do this, you can set the end date for resubmission in the existing entry round at Settings > Rounds under Review/resubmission ends.


Note: For programs with paid entries, resubmission does not require additional payment. For that you need to set up a stage 2 payment.


Notifications can be sent with a new 'Entry resubmitted' trigger (resubmitting does not trigger 'Entry submitted' notifications).

To create the new notification go to Settings > Notifications, click New notification, then select Entry resubmitted.


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