Leaving manager comments

What are manager comments?

In Award Force, it's possible for managers to leave internal comments on entries. These comments are visible only to program managers and are not included in feedback rounds nor do they hold any sway during the judging process.

Should my program use manager comments?

There are a variety of uses for manager comments. Some common uses cases are:

  • Leaving a note regarding billing
  • Providing context to other managers about the entry or entrant
  • Jotting down thoughts on a submission to reference later on

While not required, we strongly recommend using manager comments if your program uses moderation. As moderation is only applied once per entry, this can help let other moderating managers know why a decision was made. To learn more about moderation, see our dedicated guide: Moderation.

How do I leave a manager comment?

Leaving a manager comment on an entry is easy! To do so, simply navigate to Entries in the Manage workspace and click on an entry's name or ID number. From here, comments can be left in two locations: the 'Overview' and 'Entry' tabs.

'Overview' tab:

Comments in Overview tab.png

'Entry' tab:

Comment in the Entry tab.png

Tip: the 'Entry' tab is most commonly used to preview an entry

Can I export these comments?

Yes! By default manager comments are included in the 'Entries' export in the 'Comments' column. To learn more about exports, both custom and standard, check out the Ultimate guide to exports.

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