Archiving entries

Who should use this feature?

Archiving entries has been introduced to elegantly manage programs which cannot use seasons or where seasons are not applicable. Some examples:

  • Chapters with overlapping rounds leading to the program being active all year round and no opportunity to start a fresh season
  • Entry and judging open perpetually without a clean end
  • Seasons is not a relevant concept; see: Using perpetual seasons

However, some programs may use this as a way to tidy up the view at Entries > Manage entries or to prevent entrants from editing previously submitted entries. Another example is where you may be running the same program in a different region and not ready to start a new season yet.

Archiving entries is different to deleting entries. Archived entries can still be viewed and edited by program managers. They can even be sent through to judging, if required.

Tip: manually archiving entries is not required. Archiving a season effectively archives entries along with everything else for the season.

How to archive entries

To archive entries, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Entries > Manage entries
  2. Select one or more entries from the list using the checkboxes on the left
  3. Open the Action dropdown
  4. Click Archive 
Note: archived entries are included in the dashboard tallies for In progress and Submitted as they are considered to "exist" as opposed to being deleted.

Viewing archived entries

You can view archived entries by clicking the Current drop-down at the top of the page and selecting Archived.


If you want to unarchive entries you can select one or more entries and click the Unarchive button housed in the Action dropdown.

Judging archived entries

If you'd like to include archived entries in a judging round there's an option in the panel to include archived entries.

Go to Judging > Panels, create a new panel or edit an existing one and select the option next to Include archived entries.


When creating manual assignments, archived entries are excluded from search results. You will need to use Panels to create judging assignments for archived entries.

Note: there is an Entry state filter on the leaderboard to switch between current, archived, and  all entries.
Important: if you make changes to fields, categories, chapters, or tabs then this will impact archived entries. For this reason we recommend not deleting fields. Instead remove read access for entrants.

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