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Typically, entries and judging are managed in your Award Force program using seasons and most programs will run one season annually. When a new season is set as active, the current season is archived but all the entries and judging results remain available to you. To access an archived seasons entries and judging results, click on the season toggle displayed at the top of most views and select the archived seasons you want. If you would like, you can then export or download any data from the selected season you need.

Season drop-down toggle

Note: some information is not season-specific and, therefore, will not have a season selector on the page. For example, Settings > Content > Content blocks. To learn more about seasonal and non-seasonal elements, see this guide: What is seasonal in Award Force?

Important: if you're using filters from any of the Advanced search list of filters, many of the filtering options are seasonal (i.e. filtering by chapter, category or tag is filtering for entries where those attributes are from the season they were created). Therefore, if you toggle from one season to another and see no results, remove your filters as they may be why results aren't appearing.

For more information on season-specific information, see: Ultimate guide to seasons.

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