Setting up early bird and late fees


You may have different prices for entries based on when the entrant submits their entry. For example, you may have an early bird price, a standard price, and then a late fee.

To set these prices up, you’ll need to create a new price for each option. For example:

  1. Early bird price
  2. Standard price
  3. Late price


To add the prices, go to Settings > Payments > Prices and click New price. For more details, see Payment configuration.

Once the prices have been configured, select Default fee for the Early bird price.


Change prices

Changing prices from the Early bird price to the standard price and then the late fee is done manually.

When the early bird price has expired:

  1. Click on the Standard price (or the price that should be used after the early bird price)
  2. Select Default fee and Save
  3. Then, click on the Early bird price and deselect Available on cart (if selected) so entrants can’t see it on the cart.

Repeat the steps above when the standard price expired and the late fee comes into effect.

Do not delete a previously used price as it will affect existing Orders of submitted entries.


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