Payment testing

For accounts that have opted to charge for submissions, it is crucial that the payment configuration be tested prior to opening for entries. This ensures that your gateway has been configured correctly and can accept live payments. If there is a problem, it is best to discover this in testing. 

Important: submitting an entry with Test mode enabled in the Manage workspace under Settings > Payments > General is not adequate. Test mode may work with your payment processor, but real payments may fail.  

How do I test my payment setup? 

To test your gateway, complete and pay for an entry in the Enter workspace under Entries. Submitting an entry from any other location will bypass the cart, see: Why didn't I have to pay to submit an entry?

Before submitting this test entry, we recommend creating a discount code with a finite number of uses and an expiration date. To learn how to create a discount see: Payment configuration

Note: to adequately test your program's payment configuration, the season you're testing must be set to 'Active'. 

Once a test entry with payment has been submitted, it is recommended that you log into your payment gateway account to verify that payment has been received. Your payment processor account will also allow you to refund the amount if necessary. 

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