Second stage payment configuration

A second stage payment can be configured to collect any additional payment on entries that have already been submitted.

Important: in order for second stage payments to function properly, it is crucial you follow the order in which these steps need to be completed.

Set up the price(s)

  1. In the Manage workspace, go to Settings > Payments > Prices 
  2. Click New price
  3. Add a relevant title (ex. ‘Balance amount’ or ‘Second stage fees’)
    Note: this price name will be visible to entrants.
  4. Open the Type drop-down and select Tag
  5. In Tags field, type a new tag name or select from an existing tag--only entries with this tag will receive the notification to make the payment
    Tag input in price.png
  6. Add the amount for each supported currency
  7. Save

If more than one amount is required, you will need to configure an additional price for them.

Set up notification

  1. From the Manage workspace, navigate to Settings > Communications > Notifications
  2. Select the checkbox corresponding to the 'Entry submitted' notification
    Entry submitted trigger.png
  3. Open the Action drop-down
  4. Copy
    Note: you can also create a new notification, but a copy will provide relevant content and merge fields.
  5. When the notification is copied, click on its subject
  6. Remove "(copy)" the notification's subject line or update it to meet your needs
  7. Open the Trigger drop-down and select Entry tagged
  8. Type in the same tag name as set up in the price section above
  9. If desired, choose whether this notification is for all categories or just some using the Categories radio buttons
  10. Make any desired updates to the email's subject and body, taking care to include a reference to the additional payment
  11. Save
Important: to learn about regional regulations and limitations association with SMS, check out our dedicated guide: SMS limitations


  1. In the Manage workspace, go to Entries
  2. Click the box next to the entry/entries you want to send this payment information to
  3. Open the Action drop-down and select Tag
  4. Type in the exact same tag as used in the price and notifications   
  5. Click Tag to apply 
Important: the 'Entry tagged' notification is triggered as soon as the tag is applied. This is why it is important the notification and price are set up and finalised before the entries are tagged.

On the entrant view, a button will be displayed below the tagged entry. It will read 'Pay <price title>'. Clicking this button will take them to the cart where they make the payment. An order is generated in the same way as the entry fee payment.

The notification can be used one at a time with different tags.

Note: only one tag-related price can be applied to an entry at once. If two or more tag-related prices are applied to an entry, the entrant can only pay for one at a time.
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