Prepaid entries


Entries can be paid for when an entrant submits their entry or when the entrant starts their entry (prepaid entries).

When prepaid entries are enabled, the entrant will be required to complete the Chapter (if multiple chapters used), Category and Entry name fields to create the entry. Once the entrant clicks Pay now to enter the entry will be added to their cart where they can either add more entries or pay for their entry.

To configure prepaid entries:

    1. Go to Settings > Payments > General
    2. Under Entry payment, select Pay to start an entry
    3. Configure payment settings as desired (see: Payment configuration)
    4. Save

Once their entries are paid for entrants can return to My entries to complete and submit them (if paid by credit card or PayPal). If an entrant chooses to pay for their entries via invoice, the invoice will need to be marked as paid by a program manager before they can continue.

To mark an order as paid:

    1. Go to Orders
    2. Click on an invoice number
    3. Click Mark as paid next to the Status heading

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