Westpac PayWay gateway configuration

Which PayWay?

Westpac has a number of "PayWay" gateway options - Award Force integrates with the Westpac PayWay API service. Sometimes this is also referred to as the 'API module' at Westpac.

Getting details from PayWay

To complete payment configuration for the Westpac PayWay gateway, you first need to do several things via the Westpac PayWay console at https://www.payway.com.au/core/LoginView:

  1. You will need to find your live merchant ID, an 8-digit number supplied by Westpac
  2. Go to the Security page and under the Setup API heading, add the following IP addresses to the safe list:
    These are Award Force server addresses— all of them must be added.
  3. Retrieve your API username and password from PayWay by going to the Security page and, under the Setup API heading, get your API username and password--this username and password are for Award Force to connect with PayWay and are different from the username and password that you use to access the PayWay web site
    Tip: the username should be something like Q45678.
  4. Retrieve your certificate from PayWay by going to the Certificate page and, under the Setup API heading, select the technology used as PHP and press Go
  5. Download your certificate file, which should be called ccapi.pem
  6. Send the certificate file to Award Force support

Complete payment settings

Once you have completed the above, you will then need to make some updates to your payment settings in Award Force:

  1. Open the Manage workspace and go to Settings > Payments > General
  2. Set Test mode to On while testing the gateway configuration
  3. Go to Settings > Payments > Payment Gateways
  4. Set the Payment provider to Westpac PayWay
  5. Under 'Gateway credentials', add the Username, Password and Merchant ID retrieved from PayWay
  6. Under 'Accepted cards', make sure you only check cards that your PayWay account is able to accept
  7. Click Save

Making test payments with PayWay

Test payments can only be made with dummy card details specific to PayWay.

To test a successful transaction use these details with any whole number under $10.00.

  • Card: Visa
  • Card number: 4564 7100 0000 0004
  • Expiry: 02/19
  • CVV: 847

To test a failed transaction, use an amount greater than $10.00 and replace the card number above with:

  • Card number: 4564 7100 0000 0020

Going live with payments

Once you've tested payments successfully in test mode, we recommend doing a live test with a real payment before launch:

  1. In the Manage workspace, go to Settings > Payments > General
  2. Set Test mode to Off 
  3. Save
  4. Submit a test entry and pay with a real credit card
    Tip: you can first create a temporary price of e.g. $1 to test with. Be sure to delete this test price afterwards though!
  5. Log in to your PayWay account and confirm that the payment was received successfully
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