Deleting your program's personally identifiable information (PII)

Depending on the privacy and data protection regulations in your region or your organisation's legal requirements, you may need to delete the personally identifiable information housed in your account. To do this, you have a few options:

While each of these options controls a specific resource, there is some overlap in what they permanently remove from Award Force. Below you'll find a breakdown of what each of these options allows you to remove as well as a link to their dedicated help articles for more information. 

Note: permanent deletion can only be performed by the account owner.

Permanent deletion of users

Permanent deletion of a user, or users, provides you with three options. First, you can choose to wipe the user's data, but keep their entries and judging data. The second allows you to wipe the user's data and entries, but keep only their judging data. Third, you can opt to delete the user's data, entries, and judging data. For a full explanation of what each of these entails, see: Permanent deletion of users.

Permanent deletion of users example

Note: users can be permanently deleted in bulk, while entries (outlined below) cannot. If you need to wipe all data, you can choose to permanently delete your users in bulk and also wipe their entries. 

Permanent deletion of an entry

There are two deletion options available when opting to permanently delete an entry: wiping the entry and keeping judging data, or deleting both the entry and related judging data. To learn about permanently deleting an entry, see our guide: Permanent deletion of an entry

Permanent deletion of an entry example

Note: entries can be permanently deleted one at a time or, if necessary, in bulk by permanently deleting users in bulk (outlined above). By default, when deleting an entry permanently, the user will still appear in your account. 

Permanent deletion of a season

When opting to permanently delete a season, all categories, tabs, fields, entries, judging data, and more will be permanently removed from the platform. You can view all deleted resources by visiting our Permanent deletion of a season article. 

Permanent deletion of a season example

Note: permanently deleting a season does not remove users from your program. The only way to do this is to permanently delete your users. 
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