General settings overview

Award Force offers a multitude of options in the Settings menu of the Manage workspace that allow you to customise the platform to fit your organisation's needs.  


Location: Settings > General > Account

In this area, you can:

  • Update the name of your account
  • Change the domain/URL associated with account (see: Custom domains)
  • Add a Google Analytics tracking ID (see: Can I use Google Analytics?)
  • Assign a time zone for the account


Location: Settings > General > Languages

From this section, you can:

  • Choose the language(s) that your program will support (see: Add multiple languages
    Important: should you choose to support multiple languages [a feature of the Pro plan and above], translations will need to be added for all fields, chapters, content, etc. that you configure.
  • Select the formatting for dates within the system, ex. DD/MM/YYYY, MM/DD/YYYY


Location: Settings > Users > Registration

Here you can:

  • Choose whether to request explicit consent to cookies from users and edit the text associated with the agreement to terms and consent to receive correspondence from your program
    Important: you should consult your organisation's legal team before making adjustments to these areas. For more information on compliance, see our guide: Data protection preparation / configuration options.
  • Toggle registration on and off
  • Allow for third party registration and authentication

You can learn more in our dedicated help article: Configure registration


Location: Settings > Entries > General

From this page you can:

  • Enable or disable the ability for entrants to make copies of their entries
  • Provide entry PDFs for entrants to download of their submissions
  • Lock entries after an entrant has submitted them to prevent further editing
  • Enable Markdown for entrants
  • Set a maximum number of entries an entrant can create/submit in your active season


Location: Settings > General > Notifications

Configure the messages your users will receive from this area. To learn more, see our dedicated guide: Ultimate guide to notifications


Location: Settings > General > Seasons

Edit the name of an existing season, start a new draft or active season, and more. To explore the functionality of this section, check out our guide: Ultimate guide to seasons.


Location: Settings > General > Tags

Configure tags to better filter entries, move entries from one round of judging to another, give awards or certificates, plus other tasks. Learn more about tags here: Tag entries.


Location: Settings > General > Theme

Apply branding elements--logos, colours, supporting graphics--that allow seamless integration between Award Force and you organisation's website. Growth accounts can see their theming options here. Pro accounts can do the same here

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