Recommended steps to start entry configuration

The Award Force platform provides a wide array of powerful features and options to customise your configuration. No matter how simple or complex your needs are, the elements employed to build your entry form are the same. Follow the steps outlined below (or navigate directly to the Guides and tours page in the Manage workspace of your account) to quickly and efficiently configure your account. Each step is equipped with a dedicated guide to guide you through the process. 

If you have questions at any point during configuration, don't hesitate to contact support for help. 

  • Configure general settings

    • Settings > General > Account
      • Update your program's domain name or assign a custom one by following the instructions here: Custom domains
        Note: custom domains are available on the Pro plan and above.
      • Add a Google Analytics tracking ID if desired; see: Can I use Google Analytics?
    • Settings > General > Languages
      Note: available on the Pro plan and above.
      • If your account will support multiple languages, configure them here. For more information, check out this guide: Add multiple languages
    • Settings > General > Theme
    • Settings > Users > Registration
      • Enable or disable the ability for new users to register
      • Turn on social authentication via Facebook, Twitter / X, WordPress, Google, and more. 
      • Edit the consent boxes a user will interact with during registration
  • Customise interface text and terms

    • Update the verbiage used within the platform to reflect your program's needs, such as replacing the term "entries" with "nominations" or "categories" with "awards".

    • Terms: Configuring terms
    • Interface text: Interface text changes
  • Add chapters, if applicable

    • Chapters can act as regions or variations of the same award program with identical categories. Configure those by following the instructions here: Chapter configuration.
      Note: chapters are available as a paid addition to Pro accounts and above.
  • Set round dates

    • Rounds control when your entrants are able to create and submit entries into the platform. Our dedicated guide, Round configuration, will show you how.
Tip: the following three items, categories, tabs, and entry fields, can all be added via the Form editor feature of the platform for easy configuration.
  • Add categories

    • Add as many entry categories as you need. You can add description text for each along with sponsor logos or images. Categories can be set up as sub-categories grouped under a parent category. Check out these articles to learn now: Category configuration and Create sub-categories.
  • Create tabs

    • Tabs act like pages of your entry form, allowing you to group like fields together. Tabs can be made category specific, giving you even more control over how your form appears to entrants. See Tab configuration for more information. 
  • Create entry fields

    • Fields are the building blocks of your entry form and are used to collect individual pieces of information from entrants. To learn more about fields, see our guides: Field configuration and, more broadly, Field types overview
  • Write your own content

    • Customise text at different locations within your program. Some default content blocks are already added for you. Simply edit the text to suit your program and add content in more locations if you like; see: Content configuration and management
  • Personalise notifications

    • Personalise automated emails sent out at registration, when an entry is submitted, and more. Update or create notifications by following the steps outlined here: Ultimate guide to notifications.
  • Set up payments

    • Select and configure your payment gateway from a list of supported gateways. Set multiple entry fees, charge different prices for categories, create discount codes, set tax and processing fees and even set pricing rules to encourage users to submit more entries. For a full breakdown of payment configuration, see this guide: Payment configuration.
      Note: payments are available on the Pro plan and above.
  • Create a test entry

    • Creating test entries allows you to ensure that your configuration fits all of your program's requirements. To create a test entry, open the Enter workspace and navigate to Entries. See our detailed guide here: How do I test my entry form?
  • Request a pre-launch check

    • Once you have completed your setup and followed the configuration checklists found under Guides and tours, request a pre-launch check from the client success team. Please allow three working days for the check to be completed. For more information see: What is a Pre-launch check?
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