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Important: this training program is applicable for accounts which have already been configured and run at least one season or where entries have opened and a new manager is taking over. For accounts yet to be configured, please contact us for our onboarding service

Taking over the management of a program you did not originally setup and learning to use a new program management tool can be a scary prospect. Especially if you have to do it at the same time.

Not to worry though, help is at hand! We have prepared a New manager handover pack with useful information for both outgoing and new managers. This downloadable PDF contains system overview videos, practical tasks like user permissions, tips on effective handover and more. Download here: Handover pack.

You can also access a training video prepared by our team here: New manager training [VIDEO].

Should you wish to have one-on-one training, Award Force offers a 'New manager training' service specifically designed to help new program managers get up-to-speed with Award Force features and the existing program configuration.

Note: this is a paid service and will be invoiced in your account billing currency. 

Program costAUD 975 | CAD 900 | EUR 600 | GBP 525 | HKD 5250 | NZD 1050 | SGD 900 | USD 713 (+ applicable taxes)

The training program consists of four sessions of 30 minutes each and will cover everything you need to manage your program efficiently and effectively. 

Session 1: program overview

A personalised overview of your account setup for entry and judging, including help with starting a new season.

Session 2: program management overview

Learn how to use the powerful time saving features in Award Force. We will show you how to manage and communicate with your users, export data, track progress, manage duplicate entries, moderate entries and other features and functions to help you save time.

Session 3: judging overview

A judging consultation to help you set up and get ready for judging, including how to analyse results and move shortlist entries to next rounds.

Session 4: Q&A

We’ll answer any follow-up questions you may have and/or discuss any areas of improvement to grow your awards. Feel free to discuss your strategies with us and we’ll advise how best to use Award Force features for best results.

You can invite as many colleagues as you like to these live online training sessions. We only ask you to be mindful of the session times, as we run back-to-back sessions most days.

Additional 30 minute sessions can be booked for AUD 140 / CAD 140 / EUR 90 / GBP 80 / USD 100
(+ applicable taxes)

Get started now

To get started, contact our support team

An invoice will be sent to the account owner the next business day.

Tip: when the time comes to schedule your sessions, we recommend meeting weekly. This allows you time to fully investigate the features covered and formulate follow-up questions.
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