User memberships: users registered in multiple accounts

Award Force works from a single user-database which means that if one person registers with one program using the Award Force system, they can access any program just by logging in; there is no need to 'register' again. Why have the same user login for multiple programs?

When someone is registered with Award Force, the system knows who they are via their unique email address or (international) mobile phone number, or both. To log in to an account, the user uses their email address, or mobile number, along with their password. They use the same email address and password to access all accounts they have a connection with.

This rather ingenious method of user-management can, at times, cause a little bit of confusion for some. Here are a couple of common scenarios: 

Scenario 1: Judges login

A Program manager adds a user to their program, manually, as a judge. The Program manager provides all the necessary information when creating the user account as well as creating a (temporary) password for the judge. Instructions are then provided to the judge to log in using their email address and the password created for them by the Program manager. The judge, then, follows the instructions only to find they can't log in because the email address or password don't match. 


Scenario 2: User registration

Corinne (fake persona) wants to register on a program. They go to the program's URL and complete all the necessary registration requirements including their name, email address and a password, however, when they click the 'Register' button, they see a warning message saying a user account already exists with their email address.



With these scenarios, a user account already exists using their email address or their mobile number. However, from the user's perspective, they have not registered previously or they are following the directions provided to them by the program organisers and may think their password isn't working. The solution for these users is simple, they just need to log in as the warning messages suggest. However, a lot of users:

  • May not recall what their password is
  • Or they might not realise they are registered with Award Force as a whole
  • Or they might not know what other programs they're registered with


Resetting password

At any time, a user can reset their password. They can only reset their password by logging in and changing their password from their Profile page.

If you're wondering if you, as the Program manager, can change a users password on their behalf, it depends. For more on this, check out: Can I update user passwords?

If the user can't recall their password, they just need to click the 'Forgot password' link found at the bottom of the 'Log in' form and follow the on-screen prompts. Essentially, they add their 'registered' email address and the system will send them an email with a one-time-use link, clicking this link will gain instant access to your program where they can access their profile and change their password. They will then need to use this new password to access all the accounts they're registered with.

Image: Forgot password link


Image: User profile page



Finding all programs a user is registered with

A user, any user, can find all the program's they're registered with by logging into their account using the same email address and password they already have.


After logging in, they will see a full list of all the program they're registered with including the roles/permission they have within each program (i.e. Entrant, Judge, Program manager etc.)


From here, they can log straight into any program, instantly. Of course, what they can do in the program they visit is based on their user permissions and any entry & judging rounds where applicable. 


All this information is available to each and every user registered with Award Force. People, if they are registered in two or more programs, can even access their account when logged in any program, too. 


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