User accounts and program connections


User registration

Registration within Award Force only needs to be done once per user/email id. Once registered, the user can log into any program hosted with Award Force using the same credentials. When a user logs into a program, the program's default role is automatically applied. 

Some programs may collect additional information during registration through the use of user fields. This information is associated with the user's profile for that program only. 

How is a user identified as unique?

When someone registers in Award Force, they need to be uniquely identifiable. This identification uses an email address or mobile number; see: Configure registration

How can a user have access to multiple programs?

When a user registers with a program three things happen:

  • A user profile is created in our database of users
  • A connection between the user and the program is created
  • A role is applied to the user allowing them specific permissions in the program

Below is a diagram illustrating how a user may have multiple account connections. In this example, the user has access to programs (B) and (D). In program (D), the user has multiple roles applied, in this case; program manager and judge. 

User login with permissions flow chart

Tip: if a user tries to register and sees an error message that an Award Force account already exists for them, then it means they have registered with Award Force but on a different program. All they need to do is sign in with their usual password and they'll automatically be assigned the default user role.

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