Award certificate configuration


You can configure certificates within Award Force and have them automatically available for download by entrants. There are two ways a certificate can be made available:

  1. Using matching entry tags, a button is added to entries under My entries for entrants to download their entry certificate
  2. On any review stage, a certificate can be selected to be made available for download on the review page. See review flow configuration.

Configure an award certificate

  1. Go to Settings > Judging > Awards
  2. Click New award
  3. Create a Title
    Note: this will be visible to entrants.
  4. Under Type select the Certificate radio button
  5. Apply tags— to control which entries will receive a certificate.
    Example: if you have tagged shortlisted entries “shortlist”, you can create a shortlist certificate, apply the tag “shortlist” here to the certificate being configured. Only entries with this tag will then receive this certificate.
  6. Upload a Header image and Footer image (optional)
    • Recommended size is 1200 x 180px. The image is scaled proportionally to fill width of PDF (no margin is applied). 
    • Certificate content starts below the header image. With a tall footer image, content flows on top of the image.
  7. Write Content and include relevant merge fields (see below)
  8. Click Save + preview to view the PDF award as the entrant would see it
  9. Click Save and the award will be available for download by entrants
Tip: you can send an email broadcast to notify entrants that their award is available for download. See Sending an email broadcast.

Merge fields

Merge fields are pieces of data that allow you to dynamically display information from an entry without having to create separate certificates for each entrant. For example, {entry_name} will pull in the name of the entry created by the entrant.

Here are the available merge fields:

  • {account_name} - name of the program as seen in the app header at the top left of the screen
  • {category} - the category that the entry was submitted under
  • {chapter} - the chapter the entry was submitted under
  • {entry_field:abcd123} - any entry field for the season. The identifier after the colon is the eight character ‘slug’ of the field you want to display. You can find the slug by going to the field configuration and looking for the eight character identifier in the URL
  • {entry_name} - the title of the entry
  • {first_name} - first name of the entrant
  • {last_name} - last name of the entrant
  • {today} - today’s date

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