Badge configuration

A badge can be created to highlight certain entries. For example, you might want to display the winning entries in a gallery. Badges can be either text or an image if you have your own image you’d like to display on the entries. The example below used text badges to show which entries won gold, silver and bronze.


Note: only one badge can be displayed per entry at a time. If, for example, you have an entry that is a recipient of both the silver medal and 'People's choice', you would need to configure a single badge that contained both prizes. 

Create a badge award

  1. Go to Settings > Judging > Awards
  2. Click New award
  3. Give the award a Title
  4. Under Type select Badge
  5. Add the tags you want the badge to apply to
  6. Choose how the badge will be displayed, Text or Image
  7. Select Entrant views if you wish to show the badge to entrants on Entries > My entries
  8. If the badge is limited to a score set or score sets, select Score sets views and choose the score set(s) the badge should apply to
  9. Add the Badge text (if Image badge has been selected, the text will be used as alt text used by screen readers for visually impaired users)
  10. Choose the Badge colour (for text badges) or add a Badge image (for image badges)
  11. Click Save


A badge can be applied to entries on all judging modes. Optionally, you can also show the badge to entrants on Entries > My entries by checking the option Entrant views under the Visibility section.

Manage entries view - applied tag:


My entries view:


Gallery view:


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