Badge configuration

In Award Force, badges can be used to highlight certain entries. For example, you may configure a gallery and wish to show which submissions earned Gold, Silver, or Bronze awards as shown below.

Badge examples in a gallery

Badges can be configured as either text or images and are available on every judging mode. For additional information on how badges can be applied to judging, see the Badges in judging section of this guide. 

Create a badge award

  1. In the Manage workspace, go to Judging > Settings > Awards
  2. Click New award
  3. Give the award a Title
  4. Under 'Type' select Badge
  5. Add the tags you want the badge to apply to under the 'Given to any entry with these tags' heading
    Note: an entry must be tagged with the tag(s) added here in order for a badge to be applied.
  6. Choose how the badge will be displayed, Text or Image
  7. Under the 'Visibility heading choose:
    • Entrant views if you wish to show the badge to entrants in the Enter workspace
    • Score sets views if the badge should be visible to judges in all or some score sets
  8. In the 'Content' area, choose how you wish for the badge to display:
    • Text if you wish for the badge to be an alphanumeric value 
    • Image if you wish to upload a badge image such as a banner or logo
  9. Add the Badge text (if Image badge has been selected, the text will be used as alt text used by screen readers for visually impaired users)
  10. Choose the Badge colour (for text badges) or add a Badge image (for image badges)
    Note: badge images may be .jpg, .jpeg, or .png files up to 100x100 px in size.
  11. Click Save


Enter workspace

 Entries view

Badge in the Enter workspace
Gallery view Badge in the Judge workspace


Enter workspace

 Entries view

Gallery view Galleries___Help_Centre_Awards_2022-07-11_14-04-53.png

Badges in judging 

With badges applied to your judging score sets, including VIP and Qualifying judging modes, your judges have filtering options available. By simply clicking on the badge, judges can filter to view all entries with that badge applied. 

Clicking a badge to filte entries gif

Judges are also able to filter by a specific badge by clicking Advanced in the search bar and selecting that badge from the Badge drop-down. 

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