Show/hide fields for judging


You have the ability to remove the visibility of fields from judging modes. For example, you may not want to display contact details to judges or the general public during voting.

By default, field visibility is on for all judging modes. To turn off the visibility:

  1. Go to Judging > Score sets
  2. Click on the score set title that you would like to hide the field from
  3. Select the Display tab
  4. Deselect the fields within the Visible column
  5. Click Save

Show/hide attachments

If you'd like judges to see some attachments but not others you can add Fields to the attachment. This is helpful when you want to associate some extra information with the attachment. 

To do this go to Settings > Fields and click Add field. Then select Attachment field from the list and click Next. On the Add field page select Drop-down list from Field type and type in the options you'd like to have for each attachment. I've added an example below:

Image of fields 

Whenever an entrant uploads an attachment they'll have the option to select one of these field types.

Image of field selection

The advantage of this is you'll be able to show or hide specific attachment field types from judges. Go to Judging > Score sets and open a score set for editing. Then select the Display tab and under Attachments select which types you'd like to display.

Image of attachment field selection

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