Show entrant information for judging

By default, user/entrant details are not presented for judging, only entry details. If necessary, you can activate entrant information to be displayed.

Display entrant name on judging views

  1. From the Manage workspace, go to Judging > Settings > Score sets
  2. Select the score set where you want to show/hide entrant details
  3. Open the 'Display' tab
  4. Select Entrant name from the 'Display' box
  5. Save

Some points to note

  • User fields have their own visibility settings and shouldn't be confused with the 'Entrant name' setting from the 'Display' box. User-resource fields can be individually made visible for judges per score set.
  • A user field that has been set to visible within the score set will only appear if the user has provided information for that/those fields. 
  • The judging PDF follows the visibility settings for the VIP judging mode - if you want entrant information to display in the judging PDF, set visibility.
Note: user fields and judging PDFs are features of the Pro plan and above. 

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