Searchable fields on score sets

By default, judges are able to filter their assignments by chapter, category, score sets, and status for all judging modes, including galleries. You may, however, want judges to be able to search for specific entries based on a field you have created. Searchable fields on score sets allow you to add some of your own fields to the search filter for judges.

Note: a maximum of three searchable fields can be added. The limit is based on the field resource rather than the total number of fields i.e you’re allowed three entry fields, three contributor fields, etc.
Important: most field types are searchable, however, there are a handful of field types that are not searchable. They are checkbox list, content, date, date & time, file upload (single), and time.

Add a field to the search filter

  1. Configure a searchable field; see: How to search and filter
  2. Go to Settings > Judging > Score sets
  3. Click on the name of the score set
  4. Go to the Display tab
  5. Under the section Searchable fields, select the field/s you want to be searchable
  6. Click Save
Example: you might want judges to be able to search for entries by company name (see screenshot below). If this is an entry field you have created, you can add it to the search filter.  Screen_Shot_2021-03-09_at_4.45.03_PM.png

To add fields to the search filter on Entries > Manage entries or Users, see How to search and filter

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