Judging slideshows

In Award Force, activating a slide show for judges is easy and can be done in just a few clicks! A slideshow can be helpful if you're facilitating in-person judging with an audience or if your program's entries include multiple images and/or videos for judges to consider. 

Activate a slideshow

  1. In the Manage workspace, go to Judging > Settings > Score sets
  2. Click the score set that you would like a slideshow on
  3. Open the 'Display' tab
  4. In the 'Slideshow' area, select the Slideshow view available checkbox
    Slideshow view checkbox
  5. Save

Now all judges using that score set will see a slideshow button at the top left of their list of judging assignments and alongside each individual entry.

Slideshow buttons in judging view

When a judge clicks on the slideshow button or icon, a new tab will open in their browser with the content at its maximum size. Judges can click through every image and/or video in the slideshow and conclude the entry with a summary view of all content before progressing to the next entry. Judges also have the ability to view the content full-screen using the control at the top of the page.

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