Judging slideshows


In Award Force, activating a slide show for judges is easy and can be done in just a few clicks! A slideshow can be helpful if you're facilitating in-person judging with an audience or if your program's entries include multiple images and/or videos for judges to consider. 

Activate a slideshow

  1. Go to Settings > Judging > Score sets
  2. Click the score set that you would like a slideshow on
  3. Open the Display tab
  4. In the Slideshow area, select the Slideshow view available checkbox
  5. Save

Now, for all judges using that score set, they will see a slideshow button at the top left of their list of judging assignments and alongside each individual entry.


  • The slideshow launches in a new tab, with slideshow content at its maximum size
  • The slideshow will progress through every image and video from an entry, concluding with a summary contact sheet view of all visual content of the entry, before moving on to the next entry
  • The slideshow can be maximised on the screen with the full-screen control at top right

Filter a slideshow

From the judging list view, if you have any searches or filters applied (e.g. filter by category), the slideshow will only show entries that match that filter.

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