Assignments and its common uses

What are assignments?

When you're ready to start the judging phase of your program you'll need to link judges up with entries to evaluate. These judge-entry pairings are called assignments. You can see a complete list of all assignments, including those made via panels, manual assignments, and random assignments in the Manage workspace under Judging > Settings > Assignments.

Example: if we have 3 judges, each judging 5 entries then we will have 15 assignments. Assignments example diagram

How to create assignments: panels

The most common way to create assignments is to create panels. A panel determines who judges what and when. With panels you can link judges to one or more categories. Panels let you pair judges with entries in bulk. You can read more about panels in Create a judging panel. When you create a panel the judging assignments will automatically appear at Judging > Settings > Assignments. 

Important: if using panels, individual assignments cannot be deleted. Instead you'll need to remove the judge from the panel to delete the assignment. However with manual or random assignments you can individually delete them.

How to create assignments: manual assignments

Another way to create assignments is by manual assignments. Manual assignments will allow you to pair judges with entries one at a time. Please see Manual assignments to learn more.

How to create assignments: random assignments

Random assignments allow you to simply and efficiently assign a certain number of entries per judge or judges per entry without creating these assignments manually. Please see Random assignments to learn more.

How to view assignments

The assignments view provides a convenient way to search for specific information like all the entries assigned to one specific judge or which entries still require judging and which are complete. 

View all entries assigned to a specific judge

1. Open the Manage workspace and go to Judging > Settings > Assignments
2. Click the Advanced button at the top right
3. Select/search for the judge using the Judge filter
4. Search

This will show you all the entries that have been assigned to one specific judge.

Advanced search for a judge with assignments

View all the entries still to be scored

  1. In the Manage workspace, navigate to Judging > Settings > Assignments
  2. Click the Advanced button at the top right
  3. Select To be scored from the Status drop-down
    Status in advanced search
  4. Search
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