Create a judging panel


Panels let you arrange what entries gets judged, by whom and when.

You can configure as many panels as necessary for a score set— you might typically have one panel per category depending on entries need to be allocated to judges. 

Panels can be created through the use of the judging fast start in addition to the steps outlined below. 

Tip: it is highly recommended that you add yourself to any panel you create so that you can check your configuration progress; see How do I test my judging set-up?

Before configuring a panel, you will need to have created a score set to be judged, and a judging round. Then:

  1. Go to Settings > Judging > Panels
  2. Create a New panel
  3. Choose the judging mode, and score set you want to create a panel for
  4. In the Entries section, check the categories / chapters / tags for entries that are to be judged
  5. In the Who section select who will be allowed to judge; if you want to allow anybody with a specific role to judge, select Any users with a role and then check the role - often used for public voting events
  6. In the When section, select the round configured earlier, for when judging will be permitted
If the judge role is selected on the panel, as opposed to selecting individual judges, the actual assignments are only created as the judges login and begin their assignments. As a result, the progress view (Judging > Progress) will only display the judges who have commenced their assignments and will only display the assignments that have been created so far. Rest assured, judges can certainly see all of their assignments when they login to review, even though the assignments may not yet be displayed in the progress view.

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