Create a judging panel


Panels let you arrange what gets judged, by whom and when.

You can configure as many panels as necessary for a score set— you might typically have one panel per category. NB: It's highly recommended that you add yourself to any panel you create so that you can check your configuration progress. 

Before configuring a panel, you will need to have created a score set to be judged, and a judging round. Then:

  1. Go to Judging > Panels
  2. Create a New panel
  3. Choose the judging mode, and score set you want to create a panel for
  4. In the Entries section, check the categories / chapters / tags for entries that are to be judged.
  5. In the Who section select who will be allowed to judge.
    If you want to allow anybody with a specific role to judge, select Any users with a role and then check the role.
  6. In the When section, check the round configured earlier, for when judging will be permitted.

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