What are 'stray' scores?

A score is considered stray when the connection between an entry and a judge is broken after the judge has evaluated the entry.

Stray assignment example

A 'broken connection' is most easily recognised in the Manage workspace under Judging > Settings > Assignments view by setting the Method filter to Stray in the advanced search. Stray scores can occur for the following reasons:

  • the judge(s) removed from a panel 
  • the entry has deleted 
  • the judge role removed from the user(s)
  • the entry status changed from 'submitted' to 'requires resubmission' or 'in progress'

The entry could have been originally assigned through a panel or a manual assignment and then removed. Since the system does not delete any data, the scores are marked as 'stray'. The scores or decisions associated with the entry are no longer included in the leaderboard and exports.

If you wish to retrieve these stray scores, you will need to retrace your steps, i.e. add the judge back to the panel, create a manual assignment, mark the entry submitted, add the role back, etc.

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