Manual assignments


You may need to assign a number of judges to a select number of entries instead of the whole category. You can do this with Manual assignments.  

Note: Manual assignments do not require panels.

Creating manual assignments

  1. Go to Judging > Assignments
  2. Click New manual assignment
  3. Select the relevant:
    • Score set from the Score set drop-down option
    • Round from the Round drop-down option. If you haven't created your judging round, go to Settings > Judging > Rounds to do so
  4. Search for the judge(s) and entry(ies) you want to pair
    • You can search for a judge by typing the name and/or by role using the Advanced search filter
    • You can search for an entry by Name, ID, Status (i.e. In progress or Submitted), and Category
    • You can assign a defined number of entries per judge by using the Random selection link
  5. Select the checkbox next to the judge's name and the entry name and then click the Assign button
  6. Repeat the above for all entries and/or judges you want to manually assign

Delete manual assignments

To delete an assignment:

  1. Go to Judging > Assignments
  2. Open the Advanced search and type the Judge name
  3. Check the box next to the assignment and select Delete
Note: This will not delete the entry, only the judging assignment(s).

The entry will no longer appear in the judge list of entries. If a judge has started or completed a judging assignment, the assignment can no longer be deleted completely. Instead, it will be marked as "Stray".

See: What are Stray scores

The deleted (Stray) assignments will not be included in any reporting. This feature protects historical data as there was judging activity that took place within these assignments, in case you ever need to recover those scores in the future.

To recover scores, create another manual assignment with the same entry and judge.

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