Configure an eligibility screener

With the eligibility tab, you have the ability to configure an automated check of an entrant's eligibility to submit an entry into your program. This could be useful if entries should only be accepted from a specific group of users based on demographics, their location, or other factors of your choosing.

Once an entrant has completed the eligibility screener, their entry will be marked with either the 'Eligible' or 'Ineligible' status. Eligible entries will then be able to submit the full entry form. Ineligible entries are locked, preventing entrants from making further edits. Follow the steps below to set up your own eligibility screener.

Note: auto-scoring fields used up to and including the eligibility tab will be used to calculate the eligibility of an entry.

Configure the eligibility tab

To start the process of configuring your eligibility screener, configure an eligibility tab. While this can also be done via the Manage workspace under Settings > Entries > Tabs, this guide will show you the steps using the form editor

  1. Open the Manage workspace, navigate to Entries, and click Edit form
  2. Click the + located with your program's tabs
  3. From the Type drop-down, select Eligibility
  4. In the Name field, provide a title for this field, such as "Eligibility" or "Qualification"
  5. Provide a Minimum total auto-score required when eligible
    Tip: you can add in a placeholder value and edit this after configuring your auto-score fields if you're unsure of the desired score. 
  6. If completing the remainder of the form hinges on eligibility, select the Hide other tabs until eligible checkbox
  7. In the Content block for eligible entries, Content block for ineligible entries, Notification for eligible entries, and Notification for ineligible entries drop-downs, choose your desired options or leave the default selections
    Note: the default content blocks and notifications can be updated at any time; see: Content configuration and management and Ultimate guide to notifications. Only one content block or notification can be selected for each eligibility status. 
  8. Under the 'Categories' heading, choose whether this tab is applicable to all categories or some categories
  9. Save

There is no limit to the number of eligibility tabs that your program can have configured. For example, you could have a unique eligibility tab for each of your program's categories if the requirements vary award by award. Your eligibility tab can also be moved to any position after the 'Start here' tab wherein an entrant must select their category and provide an entry name. We recommend placing your eligibility tab in the second position.

If the eligibility tab is the last tab, submitting the form will also submit the entry if it passes the eligibility screener.

Note: if the resubmission feature of the platform is used, triggering entry resubmission will reset the eligibility screener to guarantee that the submitted entry still meets minimum requirements. During the resubmission process, entrants will need to check eligibility again. 

Auto-score fields

As the eligibility screener hinges on a minimum score, the creation of auto-score fields is required for this feature to function properly. To configure auto-score fields, follow the steps below. For a more in-depth guide, see: Utilising auto-score fields

  1. Select the Manage workspace, navigate to Entries, and click Edit form
  2. Open your eligibility tab
  3. Locate where you'd like to insert an auto-score field in that tab and click the + icon; see: the 'Fields' section of our Form editor article for more detailed instructions
  4. In the Field type drop-down, select your desired option-able field type:
    • Checkbox
    • Checkbox list
    • Radio buttons
    • Drop-down list
  5. Under the 'Options' section, input your labels (what entrants interact with) and values (what the platform recognizes and considers when configuring conditional fields)
  6. Toggle on Auto-score
  7. Assign a numerical score to each value in the Auto-score field that appears
  8. Finish configuring the field as desired
  9. Save

You can configure as many auto-score fields as needed to properly vet your program's entrants. 

Important: be sure and update your eligibility tab's Minimum total auto-score required when eligible value to align with your desired auto-score field responses. 

Eligibility content blocks

By default, there are two content blocks provided by Award Force to let your entrants know if they are eligible or ineligible to enter. These content blocks are titled 'Eligible entry' and 'Ineligible entry' and can be customised at any time to fit your needs. To personalise these messages:

  1. In the Manage workspace, go to Settings > Content > Content blocks
  2. Click on the content block with the 'Entry eligible' or 'Entry ineligible' content location
  3. Edit the text as needed
  4. Save

Eligibility notifications

As with eligibility content blocks, default eligibility notifications are provided by Award Force. These can be edited by following the steps below:

  1. In the Manage workspace, navigate to Settings > General > Notifications
  2. Click on the notification with the 'Entry eligible' or 'Entry ineligible' trigger
  3. Edit the text as desired
  4. Save

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