Tab configuration


The entry process is broken down into steps, or tabs. You can add and configure as many tabs as you need for your entry process.

Configuring a tab

  1. Go to Settings > Tabs
  2. Add tab - by default, a tab will be created for the currently viewed season
  3. Select the tab type to create (see types below)
  4. Name the tab - this name will be used on the tab itself when creating / editing entries
  5. Optionally set a content block to display at the top of the tab
    1. Only content blocks of the type "Tab info box" are available for selection
    2. To create content for a tab, go to Content > Content blocks and click "New content block" - this can be done before or after creating a tab
  6. Set the order the tab is displayed in
    1. Order numbers need not be sequential
    2. If you don't enter an order number, tabs will be ordered based on the order they were created in

NB: Tab type and season cannot be changed
after a tab has been created as this has the potential to create data problems.

Tab types

There are four types of tab as follows:

Details tab (default)

  • By default with a new account, there is one tab already configured, with the name "Details"
  • There can be only one tab of the type "Details" and it cannot be deleted
  • This tab is required and is fixed to be the first tab (order position 0)
  • The reason for the strictness of this tab is that the very first and absolutely required fields for an entry are fixed to this tab in first position. Those fields are:
    • Chapter selection. If only one chapter is configured (e.g. a single-chapter account with a default chapter), the chapter is automatically selected and hidden.
    • Category selection. May be a different set of categories depending on the chapter selected. Categories are displayed alphabetically, grouped by parent/grandparent. Parent categories may not be selected, it's only possible to create entries in child categories.
    • Entry name. An entry name is necessary as a reference 'handle' for the entry. Many views in the system, lists etc., use the entry name as the primary human-friendly identifier of an entry. The label for entry name can be overridden via Content > Interface text.
  • The details tab can be renamed if required
  • It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to keep fields on the details tab to a bare minimum. Reason being that once the details tab is completed and saved, the entry is created in the system, and thereafter continuously autosaves. If the first tab has many fields or takes a long time to complete, there is a greater chance of the entrant's session timing out before this autosave feature has been able to start on the second tab.

Fields tab type

  • This is the basic / standard tab type - as many field tabs can be created as necessary

Contributors tab type

  • This tab type is for listing multiple (unlimited) contributors
  • Contributors is a system label, but may refer to team members, project participants, partners, companies, etc
  • Multiple contributor tabs may be created if required (e.g. for different groups of contributors to an entry)

Attachments tab type

  • This tab type is for adding multiple entry attachments - files and links
  • Only one attachments tab can be used
  • To remove the attachments tab go to Settings > Tab, select the checkbox next to the tab, then click Delete