About video on Award Force


Award Force provides various options to support video on entries— each have considerations you should be aware of.

Embed Vimeo or YouTube video with a URL field

The URL field type accepts any correctly formatted URL. Additionally, if the URL is for a Vimeo or YouTube video, Award Force embeds the target video within the entrants entry form, and the judging view for all judging modes.

You might consider using this option if your entrants are likely to have video for their entries already hosted on Vimeo or YouTube, and in the public domain.

Note: Vimeo permits videos to be locked with a password— if your entrants might link to a locked Vimeo video, you might also consider an accompanying text area field for entrants to provide password or access information.

Embed Vimeo or YouTube video in a Content block

All content blocks accept markdown formatting which can be used to embed a video or image. Videos can be embedded using a variation of markdown image embedding syntax:


  • The number in square brackets defines the width to display the video at.
    Note: this width is fixed for the homepage content block.
  • The video is embedded at 16:9 (wide-screen) aspect ratio. If the source video is a different aspect ratio, it will be letter-boxed / pillar-boxed in the player.
  • Embedding is supported for Vimeo and YouTube URLs.

Embed Vimeo or YouTube video on an attachments tab

By default, the attachments tab includes a button to Add link or video. With that button, entrants can attach any correctly formatted URL. If the URL is for a Vimeo or YouTube video, Award Force embeds the target video in the judging view for all judging modes.

A thumbnail of the video is automatically displayed in the attachments gallery on judging views. Clicking on the thumbnail displays the embedded Vimeo or YouTube video in the gallery overlay.

To remove the Add link or video button:

  1. Go to Settings > General > Tabs
  2. Click your attachments tab
  3. Deselect the Accept links and externally hosted videos as attachments checkbox
  4. Save

Hosted streaming video

In many cases, entrants may need to include a video with their entry that is not already hosted on Vimeo or YouTube, or there may be rights limitations that prevent their video being uploaded to a public service. In this case, with a Pro plan or higher, Award Force supports video upload and streaming playback. Access to videos in this case is controlled by your account judging configuration.

  • Videos can be uploaded via a file upload field type
  • Videos can be uploaded as attachments on the entry attachment tab

In either case, once a video is uploaded, it is automatically transcoded to a format suitable for streaming playback, and is then embedded in the entrant's entry form, and the judging view for all judging modes.

Online video handling is a complex subject— if you will be supporting video uploads, you're recommended to read about video upload and transcoding.

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