Accessibility in Award Force

At Award Force we think everyone should be able to access beautiful software and so accessibility is at the core of what we create. Award Force is compliant - with some exceptions - with WCAG 2.1 AA standards, Revised Section 508 Standards, and EN 301 549 Accessibility Requirements. Our Voluntary Product Accessibility Report is available to download from Award Force Accessibility Features.  


The Award Force video player supports captions which provide text alternatives for video content. Entrants who submit captions can upload their own caption files which will display on-screen subtitles during playback.


Transcripts can be uploaded for audio and video content separately of captions as fields in Award Force.

Text descriptions for non-text content

We automatically add alt text to all images. For programs that require audio descriptions for video these can be uploaded as audio files on the entry form. 

Keyboard navigation

The Award Force app can be navigated by keyboard only for users who do not use a mouse.

Assistive technology

The Award Force app fully supports assistive technologies like screen-readers which convey content to users. Award Force follows WCAG 2.1 AA standards for role, state, and property names which allow assistive technologies to interpret content.

User preferences

Award Force will inherit from the user's browser settings for font size allowing users to zoom in or out of the application. The app is fully responsive, can be accessed from phones, tablets, and desktops, and has been tested on window zoom up to 500%.

Colour contrast

The default colour theme in Award Force has been carefully selected to ensure sufficient colour contrast between the text and the background. Accounts on the pro plan can also adjust the colour settings to suit their own branding.

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