'Possible issue' showing on some entries

In Entries view of the Manage workspace you may notice the text 'Possible issue' showing for an entry/entries in the Status column. It looks like this: 

This 'Possible issue' alert is simply to bring your attention to the fact there may be an issue with an attachment(s) in the entry which may result in the PDF not being generated. This situation can occur if an attachment is corrupt or did not upload properly (i.e., the entrant's internet connection dropped mid-way through upload).

How do I get rid of the message?

  1. In the Manage workspace, navigate to Entries 
  2. Click the entry name or ID
  3. Click either View entrant PDF or View reviewer PDF to see if the PDF opens. If it does, there is no issue.
  4. Click the Clear issue link to remove the message from the Health status

If the PDF does not open or shows a broken page, then there is an issue with one or more attachments.

  1. Go into the entry as instructed above and navigate to file uploads
    Note: files may have been uploaded to the attachments tab or via single file upload fields.
  2. Look for something out of the ordinary; it will usually be very clear such as a broken image/thumbnail or a document without an icon
  3. Next, you can try downloading the file, deleting the current one, and try uploading it again
    Note: if the upload fails, contact the entrant to upload another.
  4. Check for the PDF again and clear the issue when resolved. 

If you are unable to find the issue, please contact the Award Force support team. 

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