Customise the list view

Program managers can choose which columns they would like to display in their entries and judging list views. To use this feature click the cog icon in any table view then select the fields you'd like to display and click Save. The table will update, automatically, and will only apply to the person who has updated their view. Columns can then be dragged and dropped into your desired order. 

Here's how this feature works in Entries in the Manage workspace. 

Drag and drop columns in list view


Judges have the same option from their list view too. Using the cog icon, they can customise their view to suit their working needs: 

Cog icon in judge list view

If a judge is assigned to more than 1 score set, they will now see their scores in different columns: 

Scores in judge list view

You can choose to show either weighted or unweighted scores to the judges from the Manage workspace in Judging > Score sets. Click the VIP judging score set(s) to edit and you'll find this setting on the 'Display' tab

Judging display settings

 By default, the unweighted score is shown to the judges. 

Tip: depending on browser window size, the page may not have room to display all selected columns. When this happens those additional columns can be viewed by clicking the + symbol shown below.
Click the plus symbol to expand the view

Video overview

Also, check out how you can easily customise columns and exports to suit your needs. 

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