Recommended steps to start judging


The judging features provided by Award Force are flexible and powerful enough to fit your needs. Below you'll find a list of recommended steps to tackle the judging configuration to set your program up for success.

  1. Decide which judging mode(s) you want to use
  2. Depending on your configuration requirements, you will need most, if not all, of the following items:
    Tip: using the Judging fast start is the quickest way of configuring your program's judging from start to finish. 
  3. Add yourself as a judge to the panel so you can test the set-up
    Who section of the panel
  4. Use the Preview judging button in the Judge workspace to test the judging configuration 
    Judge workspace
  5. Communicate with your judges using broadcasts 

When you are ready to open judging, you can use the broadcast feature to notify your judges. Go to Judging > Progress in the Manage workspace, select the relevant score set round to reveal all the judges who have assigned entries and click Broadcast to send them an email. 

Tip: when creating passwords or giving instructions to users for their passwords, be sure to follow best security guidelines. Passwords should be a minimum of 12 characters and contain a mix of numbers, upper and lowercase letters, and special characters.


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