Recommended steps to start judging

  1. Decide which judging mode(s) you want to use
  2. Go to Setup guide > Judging in your account and follow the steps to configure judging.

    You'll need to:
    Tip: Please contact support if you need help

  3. Add yourself as a judge to the panel so you can test the set-up


  4. Use the Preview judging button at Entries > Judge entries to test the judging configuration 


  5. Communicate with your judges using Broadcast.  

    When you are ready to open judging, you can use the Broadcast feature to notify your judges. Go to Users, click Advanced at the top right and choose Judge from the drop-down menu for Role. 


    Click Broadcast and compose a message, remembering to include the {password_set_url} merge field if you did not assign a password yourself.


    Tip: When creating passwords or giving instructions to users for their passwords, be sure to follow best security guidelines. Passwords should be a minimum of 8 characters and contain a mix of numbers, letters, and special characters.
    Note: If you have users with a judge role who are not involved in judging (for eg, judges from the previous season), you can send the Broadcast from the Judging > Progress view instead. The email will be sent only to judges assigned in the panels of the active season.

    You can learn more about the Broadcast feature in our Sending an email broadcast support guide.

Need more help? Get in touch!

We're here to help if you need it. Simply get in touch with our Client Success team through one of the methods available at the base of the page.