Adding judges


There are three ways that judges can be added to Award Force. You can:

  1. Add judges individually, which is an easy option if you only have a few judges.
  2. Import them, which is best suited for a large number of judges.
  3. Have judges self-register, which is a good option if you want judges to apply for the role.

Please note, when adding judges, they don't automatically receive any notification by email. You will need to inform them by sending an email. You could sent an emailing by using the broadcast feature. 

Adding judges individually

  1. Go to Users
  2. Click New user
  3. Add the judge’s name, email address and password
  4. Under Account roles, select Judge
  5. Save

Once you have added the judge/s, you can send an email to the judge/s with the password you chose. When they log in to Award Force, they can change their password by going to their profile.

Import judges in bulk

  1. Go to Users
  2. Click Import users (at the bottom of the page)
  3. Download the import template spreadsheet (linked from description info)
  4. Enter your judge data following the spreadsheet template format and save.
    Please note, when adding a phone number, you need to use the international format (Read more about it: List of country dialing codes Eg. +44 785 111 111. Important: even if you are not adding a phone number, it is necessary to keep the column with the Header in the spreadsheet.
  5. Upload the import file (must be .xls or .xlsx)
  6. Select the role Judge to apply to imported users
  7. Choose a default password. This password will be used by all imported users - they can change it after the first time they log in. If you enter a default password, the password will not be applied to any email id which already existed in the database before.
    Look out for any alert messages regarding the password once the processing is complete.
    Alternatively, you can leave the password field blank and when your judges go to log in, they can click on 
    Reset password to be emailed a password reset link.
  8. Click Process
  9. The import happens in the background. You’ll receive an email when the process is complete (usually within a minute or two), with a link confirming that the import was successful.

Be aware that when importing users, the user email address must be unique— if a user already exists in the system, the import process will simply add the specified role to the user. The user’s name, password and other roles will not be changed.

Judge self-registration

This process is only suggested if judge registration is open well in advance of judging, and if you want to allow judges to apply to judge. If you have chosen and invited VIP judges, we recommend you create accounts on behalf of the judges to minimize their effort and to ensure all your invited judges exist in the system before you configure judging panels, etc.

To configure judge self-registration, follow this role registration form configuration guide. Once you have a destination registration form configured, you can then promote the URL for the form to potential judges.

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