Qualifying configuration

The qualifying judging mode simply requires a pass or fail decision. This mode might ordinarily be used as a first stage in a judging process to eliminate entries that do not meet the base requirements for the category/program. Qualifying might therefore be done by a group of administrators to ensure a preliminary degree of quality and integrity amongst entries that then pass through to a VIP panel of judges.

To set up qualifying requires three things to be configured:

  1. A judging round to control access period
  2. A qualifying score set to record decisions
  3. Panel(s) to assign who can qualify which entries
Set up a judging round
  1. Go to Settings > Rounds
  2. Create a new round, setting the type to Judging
  3. Set start and end dates for the qualifying period

For more detailed instructions, see Round configuration.

Create a qualifying score set
  1. Go to Judging > Score sets
  2. Create a new score set, setting the judging mode to Qualifying
  3. Qualifying configuration options include:
    1. Order (not currently used)
    2. Quantity of responses required for consensus
      You might for example have 5 people assigned to review entries, but require only at least 3 responses for an acceptable consensus.
    3. % of pass responses required to qualify
      Once a minimum quantity of responses is received, this % controls whether everybody needs to agree on a pass to qualify, or just some. You might say everybody must be in agreement and 100% passes are required, or only half of responses need to be a pass for example.
    4. Allow unsure decisions
      If a judge selects this option, it does not count towards the decision
    5. Once you have all options configured, click Save.

Under the Display tab you have many other options such as:

Category quick filter: to enable judges to filter by a category quickly
Order entries: choose the order in which you want to display entries for judges
Commenting options: choose if judges can leave a comment and/or if other judges can see each other's comments
Attachment options:
choose if attachments should be displayed and/or available for download
Share scores: Control whether you display scores from another score set to judges on this score set. See more about displaying score matrixes to judges.
Slideshow and Display: choose if you want to create a slideshow for all media in the entry and choose to show/hide entry and entrant name

Create judging panels
  1. Go to Judging > Panels
  2. Create a New panel
  3. Choose Qualifying as the judging mode, and select the score set created earlier
  4. In the Entries section, check the categories / chapters / tags for entries that can be qualified.
  5. In the Who section select who will be allowed to qualify entries.
  6. In the When section, check the round configured earlier, for when qualifying will be permitted.
  7. Click Save.

Wrapping up

Once all the above is done, refresh the page and if you’re on a qualifying panel and the qualifying judging round is currently open, you will see a Entries > Qualify entries link in the navigation.