Create an About page

An About page can be used to share program information with your program's users. Logged in users will see this content block in the left navigation of their Manage, Enter, or Judge workspaces.  Multiple About pages can be configured to fit your needs with varying role visibility settings configured.


For example, a general page with information about your organisation can be made visible to all users while a judge-specific About page can be shown to only those accessing the program with the judge role.

Note: public About pages will also be available on your program's login page. 
About page on homepage .png

Create an About page

  1. In the Manage workspace, go to Settings > Content > Content blocks
  2. Click New content block
  3. Under Location, choose About page
  4. Add your content
    Tip: you can use Markdown formatting to add bolding, italics, links, and even images to your About pages!
  5. Select your desired Role visibility
    Note: if this content block is configured to display to all users, including guests, it will also appear on your login page as shown above. 
  6. Click Save

Change the About page label

By default, the About page content block is called About. However, you may like to change it to something more appropriate for your program. To change it:

  1. From the Manage workspace, go to Settings > Content > Interface text
  2. Click New override
  3. Under Content, choose Content block menu links about
  4. Enter the text to be used for the label below
  5. Click Save

For other interface text options that can be changed, see: Interface text changes.

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