Create an About page

An About page is a content block added to the left menu and visible to all logged in users. This can be a good place to add additional information about your program or terms and conditions.

Create an About page

  1. Go to Settings > Content > Content blocks
  2. Click New content block
  3. Under Location, choose  About page
  4. Add your content and click Save

Tip: You can have more than one about page content block. Additional about page content blocks will appear in a collapsible menu similar to the image shown below


You could, for example, introduce the members of your jury (or even add photos of the members of the jury that you have previously hosted outside of Award Force, using the appropriate Markdown format).

Note: About pages are visible to all users (entrants, judges, program managers, etc.).

Change About page title

By default, the About page content block is called About. However, you may like to change it to something more appropriate for your program. To change it:

  1. Go to Settings > Content > Interface text
  2. Click New override
  3. Under Content, choose Content block menu links about
  4. Enter the text to be used for the label below
  5. Click Save

For other interface text options that can be changed, see Interface text changes

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