Content configuration and management


There are various set locations around the system where text content can be placed to provide information for your users. We call these areas content blocks as they are typically a block or box of content rather than a whole page. Some areas in the platform can display multiple content blocks.

Important: content blocks are a non-seasonal element in Award Force, meaning changes made to the content of any content block will be reflected across all seasons, not just the current active season. Read more about seasonal and non-seasonal elements.

Default content

With a new account, there is some default text content already placed in some content blocks. You are welcome to use or change this content as you need.

Create and edit content blocks

  1. Go to Settings > Content > Content blocks.
  2. Click on New content block or click on an existing content block
  3. Under Content location, choose where you want the content to show (see: Content block locations)
  4. Add a Title 
  5. Edit the content — it can be as long as you need
    Tip: you can use merge fields to customize some content blocks.
  6. Under Visibility, choose the default state (see: Visibility options)
  7. Click Save

Format content

To format content you can use markdown formatting. With markdown, besides basic formatting (bold, italic, lists, links, etc), images and videos can also be embedded in the content. HTML is not supported.

Visibility options

Some content blocks are in a box that can be toggled open/closed. The Visibility options can be set to:

  1. Open initially, then closed: on the first visit to the page the content block is on, the box is open. On subsequent visits, the box is closed.
  2. Open: the box is open by default on every visit to the page unless the user closes the box, then the user's preference for it being closed is remembered.
  3. Closed: the box is closed by default, but can always be toggled open by the user.

Content block locations

For a list of all content block locations, see Content block locations.

Video overview

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