Submission confirmation page

The submission confirmation page that users encounter when they submit their completed entry is optional, but can be configured to provide additional information to your users like the announcement date for winners. If no content block exists, users are redirected to the Entries page of the Enter workspace. 

To update an existing content block or create one for this location:

  1. In the Manage workspace, navigate to Settings > Content > Content blocks
  2. Locate and click the content block with the Submission completed content location
    Submission completed content block.png
  3. If no content block exists, click New content block and select this location from the Content location drop-down
  4. Update the Title and Content fields as desired
  5. Save
Note: this content block is always open and visible to users regardless of the Visibility option selected.
Tip: you can preview how this page will appear to your users by navigating to, replacing the beginning of the web address with your program's URL.

Social sharing

By default, five social sharing icons are displayed on the submission confirmation page, encouraging entrants to share the fact they have just entered your program. Which social networks/tools and their order are not fixed— they depend on the individual's social media behaviour, with the expected most relevant options being automatically displayed, in order to maximise the likelihood of engagement. Read more about social sharing configuration.

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