Submission confirmation page


The submission confirmation page is optional and can be configured as follows.

  • In Settings > Content > Content blocks, there is a configurable content location Submission completed
  • If there is no content configured for the location, the page is skipped - when an entrant submits an entry they are redirected to the Entries > My entries page
  • When there is a content block configured for the location, the submission confirmation page automatically displays to the entrant after a successful submission
  • For the purpose of reviewing the page content, you can go directly to

Social sharing

By default, 5x social sharing icons are displayed on the submission confirmation page, encouraging entrants to share the fact they have just entered your program. Which social networks/tools and their order are not fixed— they depend on the individual's social media behaviour, with the expected most relevant options being automatically displayed, in order to maximise likelihood of engagement. Read more about social sharing configuration.

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