SMS limitations

Some countries have specific SMS guidelines that restrict how and when SMS messages can be sent to residents to reduce SMS fraud.

The 6 digit code that is sent when a user first registers or adds a mobile number to their profile will come from CR4CE for all countries that support a sender ID. This message cannot be customised. 

For all other SMS messages the sender ID will be your account name except for messages to recipients of the countries listed below which have specific legislative guidelines. You can also customise the message body via Settings > Communications > Notifications in the Manage workspace. 


All SMS messages sent to recipients in Australia use our registered sender ID of CR4CE. 


All mobile verification SMS messages use the registered sender ID of CR4CE.  Marketing and informational messages cannot be sent by SMS to Singapore. For this reason we recommend selecting the option to allow users to register by email as shown in the screenshot below. 

Email registration radio button.png

For more information on registration configuration, check out our guide: Registration configuration.


All mobile verification SMS messages use our registered sender ID of CR4CE. Marketing messages cannot be sent by SMS to residents in the UAE. If you want to send non-marketing information by SMS about deadline dates or anything else not marketing-related you'll need to use the legitimate interest of the data controller.

Important: to comply with local laws, SMS notifications cannot be sent to UAE residents between the hours of 9pm and 7am.
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