Can I allow some entrants and not others into a program?

In a typical award setup, users are permitted to self-register and participate in a program that's open to all. However, some programs may wish to limit those who are able to create and submit entries. This commonly occurs when an award program is limited to those within an organisation.

There are a few solutions for this requirement depending on your needs:

  • Limit registration by email domain
  • Deactivate general registration and invite or import your list of entrants
  • Set up an eligibility screener to only allow those that meet your criteria to complete an entry

For instructions on each of these methods, see the sections below. 

Limit registration by email domain

  1. In the Manage workspace, go to Settings > Users > Registration
  2. Under the 'Registration' heading add your supported email domains to the Registration only accepted from specific email domains field
    Tip: if multiple domains are supported, add them on separate lines as shown below
    Registration only acccepted from specific email domains.png
  3. Save

Deactivate registration

  1. In the Manage workspace, go to Settings > Users > Registration
  2. Under the 'Registration' heading, deselect the Enable user registration checkbox
    Enable user registration checkbox.png
  3. Save

With the registration form deactivated, only users who are already registered will be able to log in. However, you may still need to manually add your users to your program. You can do this by importing or inviting your users. For instructions on how to do this, check out our Adding users article.

Note: if a user's email is associated with another account on the Award Force platform, they will be able to use their credentials to login to your program as well.
Important: if you do manually import users into your program, they will not know about it. Make sure you let all your users know about their user account by emailing them, you can always use the broadcast feature to do this if you're on a Pro subscription or above.

Configure an eligibility screener

If you would like for registration to be open to all, but limit the total number of submitted applications to those who meet your criteria, you can configure an eligibility screener. For a full set of instructions on configuring this check, see our dedicated guide: Configure an eligibility screener.

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