Automated tagging

Should I use automated tagging?

This feature allows you to automatically apply tags to entries to assist with their management. Tags can be automatically applied based on the option(s) selected by an entrant in an optionable field of the entry form or by a specified trigger. Depending on your needs, both options are available and can be used in conjunction with one another.  

Important: tags may contain sensitive information and are not shown to judges or entrants. If you would like for judges to see tags, see our guide: How can I allow judges to see tags? 

Auto-tag based on an optionable field

You may have an optionable field, like a drop-down or a checkbox list, within your form wherein entrants choose from a variety of options. While this feature has many applications, it is most commonly used to track demographics or to allow entrants to "enter" into multiple categories. To configure automated tagging based on a field:

  1. In the Manage workspace, go to Entries
  2. Click Edit form
  3. Configure a new or edit an existing optionable field (see: Field configuration)
  4. In the 'Options' section of the configuration tray, toggle on Auto-tag
    Auto-tag in configuration tray.png
  5. Specify your desired tag for each label
  6. Click Save when finished

When an entrant chooses an option within the optionable field, a tag of the selected option (or options) will be applied to the entry based on the option's Value

Auto-tag based on a trigger

There are a number of available triggers baked into the Award Force platform that can be used to facilitate automated tagging. You can find that list in the Available triggers section below. To configure the auto-tag, follow these steps: 

  1. From the Manage workspace, go to Settings > General > Tags
  2. Create a new tag and give it a name or click on an existing tag you want to automatically add to entries
  3. In the 'Automatically apply tag when' list, select the action/event you want--this will be the event that will trigger the action of applying the tag to entries when the event happens
  4. Click Save

Based on the auto-tag you have just set up, the tag will be automatically added to any entry when the selected event occurs.

Example: the following configuration will add the tag whenever any entry is submitted by a user. This use case is helpful for clients who run perpetual seasons
Select auto-tag option from checkbox list

Available triggers

These are the events that will automatically add a tag to entries when they occur. 

Entry submitted The action of an entry being successfully submitted
Entry archived manually The action of an entry being manually archived
Entry resubmitted The action of an entry being resubmitted
Entry tagged The action of an entry being tagged
Payment success The action of an entry being successfully paid for
Payment pending The action of an entry going through the payment processes but not paid for (i.e. Option to pay via an invoice, outside of the platform)
Review stage

One of three possible actions from a review stage task:

  • The action of a review stage starting
  • The action of a reviewer clicking the 'Proceed' button in the review stage
  • The action of a reviewer clicking the 'Stop' button in the review stage
Entry moderated

One of three possible actions for the moderation of an entry:

  • Approved
  • Rejected
  • Undecided
Entry duplicate confirmed

One of two possible actions as a result of identifying duplicate entries/nominations

  • The action of identifying an entry as the primary entry
  • The action of identifying an entry as the secondary entry
Assignment completed

The action of a judge completing their judging assignment on a selected score set


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