Moderation versus tagging

Moderation and tagging are both powerful tools for managing and organising your entries.


Moderation is used to screen entries prior to judging. You may want to check your entries for quality, completion, or eligibly before they are sent for judging.

An easy way to do this is from the Manage workspace in the Entries view. Mark an entry with Approve or Reject to send or stop it from going for judging. 

Read more about moderation in our dedicated guide: Moderation.


Tagging can be used at any time during the program cycle. There are many use cases for tags:

  • Tags can be used to group entries for judging (i.e. finalists, winners, manager's choice). They are necessary to move entries from one judging stage to another.
  • Tags can be used to communicate with entrants (i.e. payment not made, need attachment,  follow up, send discount code)
  • Tags can be used for internal record purpose (i.e. referral, free entry, vendor, previous participant)

An entry can have any number of tags. 

Read more about tagging here: Ultimate guide to tags.

Note: moderation and tagging are for program managers only. Neither entrants nor judges can see the moderation status or tags on entries. 
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