Chapter configuration


What are chapters?

Chapters are used to manage entries and judging arranged by a distinct classification, such as geographic area. You might have different entry dates by chapter, or a different set of categories. You can assign chapter managers to oversee entries and judges for a particular chapter. You may need to report on entries by chapter. You can also set-up judging panels (groups of judges) to judge specific entries from specific chapters.

Examples of chapters include states, regions, cities, countries, departments, business units, and so on.


  • New accounts have a single default chapter, generally named the same name as the account
  • For programs on the Professional plan, there is an option to purchase additional chapters (contact Award Force support if you require chapters with your program)
  • If you're not using multi-chapter functionality, nothing further needs to be done. All entries will be automatically and transparently associated with the default chapter
  • At least one chapter must exist in your account

Multi-chapter accounts

You can modify the existing default chapter, renaming it to suit your needs. And, based on how many chapters you have purchased, you can add more.

Here are two ways you can add and configure additional chapters:

Option #1: using the form editor

  1. In the Manage workspace, open the form editor and make sure configuration mode is on
  2. From the first tab, roll your mouse over the chapter dropdown field and click the + icon to add a new chapter
  3. From the chapter's configuration tray, name the new chapter
  4. If desired, provide a chapter description
  5. Click Save to confirm the changes

See the video: Adding chapters

Option #2: from the Settings menu

  1. Open the Manage workspace and go to Settings > Entries > Chapters
  2. Click the Add chapter button to add a new chapter
  3. Name the new chapter
  4. If desired, provide a chapter description
  5. Save the new chapter to confirm the changes

Both of the options listed above display a managers list which gets populated with registered users who have the chapter manager role applied to their user profile. Select any chapter managers you wish to assign to each chapter.

    • Only users with the chapter manager role will show in the manager list
    • Assigning a manager from the list provides them with visibility and access to entries and management of those entries for their assigned chapter(s) only


  • Chapters are seasonal
  • Chapters can be created and edited on the active season or draft seasons only, they can not be created or edited in archived seasons
  • Any categories or entry rounds created before adding new chapters will need to be updated, selecting the new chapter(s) as necessary

Chapter images

  • When editing a chapter, the 'Images' section allows you to upload chapter sponsor logos
  • The logos appear in a vertical column to the far right when creating/managing an entry
  • Strictly speaking, chapter images can be anything, they don't have to be sponsor logos
  • A heading (such as "Chapter sponsors") can also be defined to display at the top of the column of images
  • Setting a maximum image width constrains the width images are displayed at
  • If images are larger than the maximum width, they are automatically scaled down (note: a loss of quality may occur)
  • If images are smaller than the maximum, they remain at their original size (i.e they are not scaled up)

Video overview

Adding chapters

This video shows menu navigation that has since changed. 

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