Can entrants submit multiple entries?

Depending on the type of program your organisation is running, you may wish for entrants to be able to submit multiple entries. By default, Award Force allows for entrants to create and/or submit as many entries as they'd like. For programs who wish to place parameters around the number of entries that can be submitted, continue reading. 

Limit number of total entries

To set a limit on the total number of entries an entrant can submit, regardless of category:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Entries > General in the Manage workspace
  2. Input a value into the Maximum entries per entrant field
    Maximum entries per entrant field
  3. Click Save when finished

Control number of entries per category

Managers also have the ability to limit the number of entries per category. This can be used in conjunction with the program limit above or independently. 

  1. From the Manage workspace, go to Entries and click Edit form
  2. Click the + to create a new category or, to set a limit on an existing category, select it from the Category drop-down and click the settings icon
  3. In the configuration tray, scroll to the 'Advanced' section
  4. Set a Maximum entries per entrant in this category value
    Maximum entries per entrant in this category
  5. Save when finished

Copying entries

Managers and entrants alike can have the ability to copy entries so long as the permission has been selected in Settings > General > Entries. This may come in handy if entrants wish to submit the same entry information into multiple categories. To see instructions for both account managers and entrants, check out our dedicated guide: Copying an entry

Note: copied entries will always be 'in progress'. 
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