Can I print out an empty form?

You can! The entry form is dynamically generated when an entrant selects their desired chapter and category. For example, tabs and fields may applicable to some categories and not others. Any registered user with the permissions to create an entry can download a blank PDF by following these steps:

  1. In the Manage workspace, navigate to Entries
  2. Click Start entry
  3. Select your desired chapter and category
  4. Click the Download blank entry PDF for reference link
    Blank PDF link
  5. Save the document to your device
  6. Repeat for additional chapters and/or categories as necessary

To disable this feature, navigate to Settings > Entries > General in the Manage workspace and deselect the Blank entry PDF available for download checkbox. 

Important: conditional fields and those that are hidden from entrants will not be displayed within the blank entry PDF. If you wish to include conditional fields, create an entry in the Enter workspace under Entries, fill it with placeholder/dummy information, and distribute it's entrant PDF instead.  
Note: drop-down fields will display up to 10 options. Those with more than 10 will be represented with an ellipsis.


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