Utilising table fields

Adding a table field to your program's entry form is a great way of collecting large amounts of detailed data from entrants in one easy-to-use field. While this guide provides instructions on adding table fields through use of the form editor, you can also configure these fields in the Manage workspace via Settings > Entries > Fields

Create a table field

  1. In the Manage workspace, go to Entries, and click Edit form
  2. Locate where you'd like to place the table field and click the + icon
  3. In the configuration tray, select Table from the Field type drop-down
  4. Provide a label and short title for your field as well as any desired hint or help text
  5. In the Options area, hover your cursor over Column A and open the drop-down
  6. Click Configure column
    Configure column option
    Note: from this area you can also choose to insert a column to the left, insert a column to the right, or delete the column entirely.
  7. In the box that appears, set the column's label
    Set the column label
  8. In the Column type drop-down, choose whether the column is:
    • Plain text
    • Integer (1)
    • Decimal (0.1)
    • Decimal (0.01)
    • Currency; if currency is selected, choose your desired currency
  9. Select the Display column calculation checkbox if you've selected a numerical column type and wish for the values to be calculated by:
      • Sum
      • Average
      • Count
      • Min
      • Max 
  10. Save
  11. If desired, select the User can add additional rows checkbox
  12. Repeat for additional columns, adding more columns by clicking the + icon
  13. Save when you're finished
  • When exporting applications from the platform, data collected within a table field will appear in its own 'page' or 'sheet'.
  • When using column calculation, totals aren't saved as data on the entry meaning that they won't appear in an export.
  • The 'Average' calculator will always use the same number format as the column, which can lead to situations where the average of 1 and 2 is 2 (1.5 rounded up).
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