Utilising table fields

Adding a table field to your program's entry form is a great way of collecting large amounts of detailed data from entrants in one easy-to-use field. 

Create a table field

  1. Go to Entries > Manage entries and click Edit form
  2. Locate where you'd like to place the table field and click the + icon
  3. In the configuration tray, select Table from the Field type drop-down
  4. Provide a label and short title for your field as well as any desired hint or help text
  5. In the Options area, hover your cursor over Column A and open the drop-down
  6. Click Configure column
    Note: from this area you can also choose to insert a column to the left, insert a column to the right, or delete the column entirely.
  7. In the box that appears, set the column's label
  8. In the Column type drop-down, choose whether the column is:
    • Plain text
    • Integer (1)
    • Decimal (0.1)
    • Decimal (0.01)
    • Currency; if currency is selected, choose your desired currency
  9. Save
  10. If desired, select the User can add additional rows checkbox
  11. Repeat for additional columns, adding more columns by clicking the + icon
  12. Save when you're finished
  • When exporting entries from the platform, data collected within a table field will appear in its own 'page' or 'sheet'. 
  • Table fields are not designed to support functions like adding or dividing numerical input. These calculations will need to be done outside of Award Force. 

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