Using conditional fields

Award Force supports conditional fields, a powerful feature allows a field to be hidden or visible based on the value of another field. Conditional fields are useful when you want to display a subset of values based on a selection somewhere else.

For example, you may have one field with regions around the world and would like another field to display a subset of countries based on the chosen region.  

Conditional drop-down example

Important: conditional fields cannot be used on the registration form or in review flows.

Set up a conditional field:

Note: not all field types will support conditional fields. If the field you created is not available for selection from the drop down in the 'Conditional' section of the field configuration screen, that means the field type is not supported. In many instances, a different field type can be chosen for the initial field in order to allow for the condition to be applied.
  1. In the Manage workspace, go to Entries, and click Edit form
  2. Open an existing field or configure a new field
  3. In the 'Conditional' section, select This field is displayed based on the value of another field
  4. Choose whether to Hide this field or Show this field
  5. Select the field you'd like to base the conditional logic on from the next drop-down
  6. Configure the logic associated with the response in the selected field
  7. Input the value associated with the original field
  8. Save

In the example above, I've chosen to show a country selection drop-down based on region. Here is what the configuration looks like:

Configuration example

Tip: if the conditional field is based on the country field type, you'll need to use the two-letter country code as a reference. For example, Australia is AU, the UK is GB, and Canada is CA. A full list of two-letter country guides is available here.

Use a checkbox to show/hide additional fields

Another use for conditional fields is to enable entrants to provide more information. For example, you might want to include a checkbox field asking whether entrants would like to add referees to their application. If this is checked additional fields appear for referee name and email address. These additional fields can be required. 

Conditional checkbox example.gif

In this example fields asking for a referee's name and email address will have the following settings for the conditional:

Conditional configuration setup

A checkbox can be either 0 or 1. If it's unchecked the value is 0. If it's checked the value is 1. 

Use conditional fields to calculate how many upload fields to display

Another example for conditional fields is using a numbered drop-down menu to determine how many file upload fields to display. 


To get this to work you'll need to use the is any of condition and add the value for that field selection and any higher. Here are the settings for the third file upload field:

File upload example 1

The settings for the second upload field looks like this:

File upload example 2

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