Judging progress view

The progress view provides a summary to program managers of how your judges are progressing with their judging assignments. To access this view open the Manage workspace and go to Judging > Progress.

Note: for programs with multiple score sets, select your desired score set from the drop-down near the top of the page.
Score set drop-down toggle in Progress 

This page includes a few columns by default:

  • Judge: the name of the judge who has assignments using the selected score set
  • Total assignments: the total number of entries that have been assigned to the judge
  • Completed: the number of assigned entries that the judge has finished evaluating
  • Progress: the percentage of completed assignments compared to the total
  • Abstentions: a list of entries a judge has abstained themselves from judging
Tip: additional columns can be added to this page. For instructions on how to do so, check out our guide: Customise the list view.

If the judge role is selected on the panel as opposed to selecting individual judges (see: Create a judging panel), the actual assignments are only created as the judges log in and begin their assignments. As a result, the progress view in Judging > Progress will only display the judges who have commenced their assignments and those that they've clicked into. Rest assured, judges can certainly see all of their assignments when they log in to review, even though the assignments may not yet be displayed in the progress view.

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