Permanent deletion of a season

There are several reasons you may need to permanently delete a season:

  • A season was created by mistake, or as a practice run / example
  • Your organisation has a policy of not retaining historic / archived data online
  • To avoid unnecessary retention of data that is no longer needed— this may be the case for example under EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), if your entries / applications collect personal data. You should obtain your own legal advice in this case.

What is deleted with a season?

Everything directly associated with the season being deleted is also deleted, this includes:

  • Categories, all category information and sponsors
  • Chapters, all chapter information and sponsors
  • All entry configuration including tabs, fields
  • All entries, including uploads and attachments
  • All judging data including score sets, scoring criteria, panels, assignments, scores and results
  • User fields (note below, users are not deleted, but user fields on their profile are seasonal)
  • Galleries
  • Broadcasts, notifications
  • Prices, discount codes, pricing tiers
  • All review stages and review tasks
  • Awards
  • Integrations
  • Rounds
  • Tags

What is not deleted with any season?

Some resources are not associated with a season, or are purposely retained, including:

  • Users are retained, regardless of the season they joined in. Note however that user fields are seasonal, so the season user field content was created in will be deleted with a season delete.
  • Content, including about pages, content blocks and term settings
  • General settings
  • Theme
  • Orders. Whilst orders happen during a given season, there may be a legal requirement for financial transaction information and associated invoices to be retained.

How to permanently delete a season

  1. Go to Settings > General > Seasons
  2. Click through to the season you wish to delete
  3. At the top of the page is a button to Delete this season permanently...
  4. On the confirmation page, to avoid accidental deletion, you need to manually enter the full name of the season as confirmation of the delete
  5. Press the Delete button to finalize
Important: after pressing the Delete button, the deletion is immediate and permanent. There is no way to recover any of the season data.

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